POC Solution Development

We develop Proof of Concept (POC) Solutions so you can judge the effectiveness and get a first hand experience of XR with your organisational data. The process we follow:

1. Introduce you and your team to XR technologies

2. Understand your domain and needs

3. Share our understanding of potential Use Cases with you

4. Collaboratively identify a well-defined option that can be efficiently developed in a short amount of time

5. Gather required data from you

6. Start the development process

7. Deliver within 6 - 8 weeks for typical Use Cases

We use Unity and Unreal Game Engines for our development and as such support deployment on all possible XR devices including:

1. Virtual Reality Headsets (Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive etc.)

2. Smartphones (solutions using Augmented Reality)

3. Microsoft Hololens (for Mixed Reality based solutions)

4. Desktop computers (for less immersive VR but without requiring additional devices)

Pilot Program Execution

Once the POC stage is complete, we can help you with defining a Pilot Program. We liaise with your team to help define the Requirements & Specifications for a live deployment based on the learnings from the POC. We collaborate with IT & Innovation Departments to come up with a solid roadmap for XR technology integration within your organisation.

Once defined, we take ownership of the solution development and act as your Extended Team. We can guide you through decision making based on our experience and lead to a successful deployment for your end users.

We can engage on a Build-Operate-Transfer model where once the solution is deployed, we can train your team to take control of the operations. We remain your Extended Team to further scale the deployments and explore newer Use Cases.

DFX - XR at Scale

DFX is our XR Application Platform for Businesses and Enterprises in the Industrial Sector. We are actively developing solutions for a variety of Use Cases and currently have the following applications:

1. Prowess - Immersive Training Solution delivered via VR headsets, Web and Smartphones. Define O&M Standard Operating Procedures for use across multiple XR applications. Capture knowledge from experienced outgoing workforce and make it accessible organisation wide to younger employees.

2. XR CMS - Content Management System for XR Content. Enable reuse of XR content across multiple applications to efficiently scale your XR deployments.

3. Assist - Smartphone based tool for Remote Assistance using AR

XR App Development

For smaller and more well-defined Use Cases, especially related to Marketing, we can develop XR Apps for VR Headsets, Smartphones and the Web. These include XR Product Catalogues, VR Apps & Games for organisational Events and Trade Shows/Conferences, amongst others.

Instagram/Facebook AR Filter Development

For more consumer facing Brands, we develop AR Filters for Instagram & Facebook using the Spark AR platform. We can work closely Advertising Agencies to ideate and deliver highly creative and engaging user experiences for a memorable campaign.

We also have a Loyalty Program solution for Instagram AR Games/Filters. We can track customers who demonstrate high levels of engagement with your brand through a Loyalty Points system so that you can reward them through Coupons/Offers.